Wren Achenbach (he/they)


ACTOR CREDITS WITH PTP: I Was a Rat (CSTF), Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (CSTF), Minotaur (CSTF), Twelfth Night (CSTF), The Hobbit (CSTF), Much Ado About Nothing (CSTF), A Midsummer Nights Dream (CSTF), Robin Hood: Prince of Outlaws (CSTF), The Bad Children

ACTOR CREDITS ELSEWHERE: Beauty and the Beast (CCHS), Annie Jr, The Musical (CCHS), Cinderella (Rogue Theatre Players), Goldilocks (Rogue Theatre Players)

OF INTEREST: Wren is heading into their final year at Canmore Collegiate Highschool. They enjoy reading as well as gliding and gymnastics. Wren is interested in becoming an SFX makeup artist and further pursuing drag and performance arts.