Shelby Reinitz


ACTOR CREDITS WITH PINE TREE PLAYERS: The Emperor’s New Clothes, Much Ado About Nothing, Romeo and Juliet

ACTOR CREDITS ELSEWHERE: Trauma, Much Ado About Nothing (DIY Theatre), The Tempest, MacBeth (Bard on the Bower/Primestock Theatre), Kodachrome (Fire Exit Theatre), Sex with Strangers, I Love You Because (Attic Players), Scattered: The Musical (SideNote Theatre), Rocky Horror Show (Broadway West)

OF INTEREST: When Shelby isn’t playing “Actor”, she is most likely playing “Director”. Or “Musical Director/Composer”. Or a combination of all three. Shelby would like to thank her friends and family who continue to support her crazy dreams, and who are always there to keep her sane. You know who you are. Enjoy the show!