Rico Pfeiffer (he/him)

Fight Director

FIGHT DIRECTOR CREDITS: Dracula (CSTF), The Snow Queen (CSTF), Sense and Sensibility (CSTF), I Was a Rat (CSTF), Twelfth Night (CSTF), Minotaur (CSTF), Laid/e (Theatre Encounter), Matt and Ben (Fancy Bits Theatre), My Co-Mates & My Brothers in Exile (Shakespeare in the Ruff), Melancholy Play (The Empty Room Productions), Breath (SAIT), Hamlet (Forward Theatre), Macbeth (Forward Theatre).

Of Interest: Rico has been practicing and directing scenes of simulated violence for the past 10 years. During that time, fight directing has taken him across Canada as well as the United Kingdom. Rico has now set roots in the city of Calgary, and is excited to be working with all these wonderful and talented individuals.