Christian Daly (he/him)

Scientist, Cyrus Sludge

ACTOR CREDITS: Sense and Sensibility (CSTF), I Was a Rat (CSTF), Time Machines and Tumbleweeds (Eerie Productions), The Merry Wives of Windsor (Theatre Calgary), APE (SAIT Films), Here We Go (University of Calgary), The Tao of the World (University of Calgary), The Bus Stop (University of Calgary), The Zoo Story (University of Calgary)

Of Interest: Hailing all the way from Calgary, Christian is a theatre artist that can be found improvising and doing tech with the Kinkonauts, teaching in schools and at summer camps with Quest Theatre, or creating whatever project sparks his imagination with his brother. In the spare time he has, Christian can be found enjoying the company of friends, enjoying the company of his cat, enjoying the company of his LEGO collection, or watching the latest NASCAR race or football game.