Carey Lees

Costume Design Mentor

WARDROBE CREDITS: Intercultural Indigenous Choreographers Creation Lab (Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity); Opera in the 21st Century (Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity); Mainstage Dance (University of Calgary); Dance at Night (University of Calgary); “The Call” (Davida Monk/Dancers’ Studio West); “Stasis” (Helen Husak/Prairie Dance Circuit); “Mise en abyme” (Helen Husak/Prairie Dance Circuit); “The Matryoshka Project” (Helen Husak/Expanse Festival); “Dream Pavilion” (Davida Monk/Prairie Dance Circuit); etc.

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OF INTEREST: Carey Lees studied clothing design and textiles at College Lasalle in Montreal and has worked in fashion, film, theatre, and dance for over twenty years for companies such as the Segal Centre, the Centaur Theatre, Repercussion Theatre/Shakespeare in the Park, Dancers’ Studio West, the Grand Theatre, and the University of Calgary. She is currently the Wardrobe Facilitator at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity.