Martin Bellemare


Martin Bellemare is a Canadian playwright. He has received several distinctions for his work (Gratien-Gélinas Prize in 2009 for Le Chant de Georges Boivin, Michel-Tremblay Prize in 2018 for Moule Robert, SACD Prize for French-speaking dramaturgy in 2018 for Maître Karim la perdrix, Jeunes Textes en Liberté selection in 2018 and the 2020 French Theatre Governor-General Prize for Coeur Mineral, Finalist for the 2023 French Theatre Governor-General Prize for the TYA pentalogy Charlie, du vent derrière le nombril. He was a finalist for the 2020 Siminovitch Prize, which rewards excellence and innovation in contemporary Canadian theatre. His work is published by Dramaturges Éditeurs (Canada), by DramÉdition (Poland) and by Lansman (Belgium), and has been translated in many languages.