Shelby Nicole Reinitz


DIRECTOR CREDITS: The Hobbit (Canmore Summer Theatre Festival), 52 Pick-up (DIY Theatre/artsPlace/Pine Tree Players), Candlelight (CommonGround Festival), Half the Battle (DIY Theatre/Sage Stepping Stones), The Apple Kingdom (Canmore Summer Theatre Festival), Time Stands Still (DIY Theatre), Finding Euphoria (Urban Stories), Persuasion (Workshop Theatre), Genesis – Assist (Attic Players and ACT Theatre), Little Women (Workshop Theatre), And Then the Lights Went Out… (Workshop Theatre), Men are Dogs (Workshop Theatre)

ACTOR CREDITS WITH DIY THEATRE: Much Ado About Nothing, A Doll’s House: Wild Rose, Genesis, Sex with Strangers, I Love You Because,

ACTOR CREDITS ELSEWHERE: Lunchbreak (Jane’s Walk/ATP), Kodachrome (Fire Exit Theatre), Romeo & Juliet (Canmore Summer Theatre Festival), Haunted House Hamlet (ACT Theatre), Alice’sWonderland (ACT Theatre), Midsummer/Jersey (Gas & Light Productions), Office Hours (Confederation Theatre Society), Little Women (Torchlight Theatre), All the King’s Women (Workshop Theatre)