Bronwyn Steinberg


Bronwyn is thrilled to get to direct this production of The Ballad of Georges Boivin. Since coming to Lunchbox in 2020, she has directed Dark Lady, Home for the Holidays, Raising Stanley / Life with Tulia and All I Want for Christmas. She has also directed many new play development workshops as part of the Lunchbox Stage One Festival of New Canadian Work and Stage Two. Bronwyn approaches her work in theatre as a community builder; she’s passionate about making theatre an inclusive gathering space where stories are shared that celebrate the diversity of human experience. She is the founding Artistic Director of Ottawa’s indie series TACTICS, and favourite credits as a freelance director include The Importance of Being Earnest (Theatre Calgary), The Drowning Girls and Bang Bang (Great Canadian Theatre Company), The Revolutionists, Miss Shakespeare, and Desdemona: a play about a handkerchief (Three Sisters Theatre) and Twelfth Night (A Company of Fools). She is also currently developing two new Shakespeare adaptations with collaborators, The Game of Cardenio and Mad Margaret.