Amanda Liz Cutting


An award-nominated actor and director, Amanda Liz has been active in both professional and semi-professional Theatre, Film and Television for 22+ years.   Amanda has worked as an actor advocate and Intimacy choreographer/coordinator for the last six years, is currently an Intimacy Director with IDI-UK, and a certified Intimacy Coordinator with IDI-USA. She has a variety of certifications to qualify her in the field; among them are basic firearms for film, stage combat, and mental health first aid.  Amanda works internationally, assisting in creating safe workplaces for artists on both stage and film sets. She is one of the few Intimacy Directors that also specializes in youth intimacy and safety. She has worked for shows such as Game of Thrones Prequel (HBO), The Magicians (NBC/Universal), The Bold Type (Freeform), The Good Doctor (ABC), and Radio Nowhere (CBS).