Pine Tree Players are pleased to present the musical Young Frankenstein by Mel Brooks and Thomas Meehan, directed by Maxine Bennett with musical director Lee Ann Decoteau, November 13-23 at the Canmore Miners’ Union Hall.

Auditions will take place July 23 and 29 in Canmore and are open to people of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds as well as non-binary/gender non-conforming performers.

Please click on the button below to register. The application deadline is noon Mountain Time on July 29, 2019.

Applicants should come to the audition prepared to do a theatrical monologues of up to 1 minute in length. The following websites have a good selection of monologues -,,

The key dates:

  • Rehearsals – 9-12 hours per week, likely Mon-Thurs evenings
  • Tech Rehearsal - Sunday afternoon/evening November 10
  • Dress Rehearsal - Monday evening November 11
  • Performances – Nov 13-16 and 21-23 7:30pm and Nov 17 2pm

Please click on the button below to contact us with any questions.



  • Frederick Frankenstein (M 20s/30s) Brilliant brain surgeon, professor, and grandson of mad scientist Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein. Some intimacy.

  • Elizabeth Benning (F 20s/30s) Frederick’s fiancé, self-loving, “madcap”, and boisterous. Some intimacy.

  • Igor (M 20s/30s) Frederick’s faithful, eager, hunchbacked servant and friend.

  • Inga (F 20s/30s) Frederick’s bubbly, attractive, young Transylvanian assistant. Ability to yodel considered an asset.  Some intimacy.

  • Frau Blucher (F 30s/40s/50s or older) Intense, stern housekeeper of Frankenstein estate, and former lover of Victor Frankenstein.

  • The Monster (M age indeterminate) The misunderstood creation of Dr. Frankenstein, the bigger the better. Must be able to emit howling/monster/grunting sounds. Some intimacy.

  • Inspector Kemp/Hermit (M 30s/40s/50s) Kemp is head of the police in Transylvania, with a wooden arm and leg, justice-driven. Hermit is lonely, poor, blind town hermit longing for a friend.

  • Ensemble (All Ages)– Plenty of featured roles, lot of juicy lines and singing, including a barbershop quartet. This group will portray gravediggers, villagers, Mr. Hilltop, the village idiot, medical students, passengers, mad scientists, and various supporting roles. Tap dancing is a plus.

Please note: Age ranges are approximate and that the actors don’t necessarily have to be in that age range to play the part.