On March 24 and 26 Pine Tree Players and Artsists' Collective Theatre will be auditioning for Romeo and Juliet and The Apple Kingdom, which will be performed July 4 to 8, 2018. We have roles for actors of all ages and levels of experience. Please see the column to the right for details on the plays and roles.

All actors must come to the audition prepared to do a theatrical monolgue of no longer than 1 minute. The following websites have a good selection of monologues -,,

Rehearsals will take place in Canmore on Sundays during the day and Monday nights starting April 22.

Please click on the button below to fill out the audition registration form or contact us if you have questions.



ROMEO AND JULIET, performances 7:00-9:00pm July 4 to 8 at the Stan Rogers Stage
By William Shakespeare adapted and directed by Amanda Cutting

A classic tale told in an uncommon way with music, movement, and, of course, incense, flowered wreaths, and peace signs. It’s spring, the May Day festival on the Capulets property. The whole town is invited, but with two families at war how can we bridge the divide? This is not your school Shakespeare - it’s reachable, full of humor, and understandable.

Romeo (male 16+ years old*): Young teen romantic who falls for the other side. Dancing and singing an asset.

Juliet (female 13+ years old*): Young teen romantic who falls for the other side. Dancing and singing an asset.

Benvolio (male or female up to 35 years old*): Romeo's cousin.

Mercutio (male or female up to 35 years old*): The Prince's cousin.

Paris (male 16+ years old*): Wealthy suitor to whom Juliet is sworn.

Friar Lawrence (male over 25 years old*): The religious leader of the town.

Lord Capulet (male over 30 years old*): Juliet’s Father; stern but loving

Lady Capulet (female over 20 years old*): Juliet’s young mother

Tybalt (male or female up to 35 years old*): Juliet’s Cousin and the nurse’s best friend (knife and fighting required)

Sampson (male or female up to 35 years old*): A Capulet, full of hot air, he threatens but has very little follow through

Lord Montague (male over 30 years old*): Stubborn and competitive

Apothecary (female over 25 years old*): Female gypsy sells a deadly potion

Nurse (female over 25 years old*): The sister of Gregora/Gregory and Lady Capulet. She is the main mother figure for Juliet.

Lady Montague (female over 20 years old*): The wife of Lord Montague; loves her son Romeo deeply

Page (male or female 10 to 16+ years old*): The page to Paris

Sister Jane/Friar John (male or female over 25 years old*): The one who missed mailing the letter to Romeo

Watch Men (male or female over 25 years old*): Open to all ages; fight scenes

Abraham (male over 25 years old*): Comrade to the Montagues. He fights with Sampson

Singing Maids (female over 25 years old*): The three Spirits of Narration who sing and dance through the show. Strong singing, acapella and harmony. Open to all ages

*Please note: Age ranges are approximate and that the actors don’t necessarily have to be in that age range to play the part.

THE APPLE KINGDOM, performances 2:00-3:30pm July 4 to 8 at the Stan Rogers Stage
Story, Lyrics & Book by Eric Pettifor, Arrangements by Charlotte Leoppky, Directed by Amanda Cutting

A fantasy musical, this fairy-tale tells the story of a young king whose kingdom was so small he was mocked by the other kings of the world. In exchange for power he promises the witch his first born daughter on her 16th birthday. But though the witch delivers on her promise and the princess nears her 16th birthday, the king regrets the deal he made so many years ago. Can he save his daughter? Can the prince who woos his daughter help?  Might help come from an unexpected quarter, the familiar of the witch, a giant, bipedal talking Lizard? The ensemble supports the action by playing spies, minstrels, talking trees and making the whole environment come very much alive.

Award winning production in Calgary one Acts festival and Alberta One Acts festival 2013 This show is for all ages and full of family fun!

The Young King (singing role, male 18-20+*): The Young King who makes the deal with the Witch thus beginning the whole story. Singing Role.

The Old King (singing role, male 30+*): The king nearly 16 years later, possessing great power and greater regret.

The Lizard (singing role metso, male or female, all ages): Zama Kor’s familiar, this sassy, trouble making reptile is never far from the action. Strong physical actor required. Singing role metso.

The Witch Zama Kor (metso-soprano, female over 20 years old*): A power house both on stage and vocally, a strong singer with belting ability is needed. Metso- Soprano.

Prince Aldric (baritone/tenor, male 14+*): Lots of physical comedy is needed for this role. Baritone/Tenor.

Princess Catherine (metso, female 14+*): She is a strong willed young lady with a heck of a personality whose ability to question authority, even that of her father, keeps her from becoming an ingredient in a diabolical beauty cream. Metso.

Ensemble (varying singing voices, all ages): Varying singing voices. These roles have lots of movement, possible puppetry, masque work and dancing. Providing tones of comedic relief.




*Please note: Age ranges are approximate and that the actors don’t necessarily have to be in that age range to play the part.