WHOLLY COMEDY: A Festival of Four One Act Plays

February 22 to 26, 2017

Pine Tree Players are pleased to present Wholly Comedy, a festival of four one-act plays, featuring:

House of the Holy Moment by Cary Pepper, directed by Gerry McAuley
With no property taxes on houses of worship, the town of Appleton (pop. 3,000) now has a total of 300 churches, including Messiah Mike’s House of Stereo. Henrietta, City Tax Assessor, is visiting every church in town to determine that each is a legitimate house of worship. This Sunday, Henrietta walks into the House of the Holy Moment, run by Butch, whose idea of a church is very different from what the city had in mind.

St. Francis Preaches to the Birds by David Ives, directed by Ron Deans
In the desert of Umbria, two precocious vultures have a bone to pick with the venerated St. Francis of Assisi, founder of the Franciscan order and renowned for his life of piousness and poverty. St. Francis has the miraculous ability to speak to birds, which makes for a lively discussion on death, heaven and the consequences of one’s life decisions.

Ruby of Elsinore by Bruce Kane, directed by Nina St. James
In the Danish town of Elsinore, a slovenly and indecisive Hamlet, a marriage bent Ophelia, a lustful Gertrude, a power-hungry Claudius and a ticked off Ghost let their hair down to Ruby, Elsinore's sassiest hair dresser.

Out to Lunch, written and directed by Timothy Eckmier
Inspired by I. M. Gray's vaudeville play Mad Breakfast, this one act is rewritten by Timothy Eckmier as a modern, devised theatre piece involving a colourful cast of characters. Our story is of a quaint boarding house, nestled comfortably in the Rocky Mountains, run by superintendents Mr. and Mrs. Grey. A stranger is set to visit, but in his charge, Mr. Grey decides to stir things up by creating mysterious identities for the new guest and shares each of these with the house boarders. All hilarity ensues as the stranger is welcomed by each of the characters. Through the stranger's visit, the boarders come to face some of the dark secrets and unspoken memories that have been exposed from cracks and crags of times long past in the mountain valley.


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