Mother Superior and her talented troupe of nuns deliver a comical evening of singing, dancing and unforgettable convent humour in Nunsense, the Musical by Dan GogginPine Tree Players’ spring production for April 2017.

The Little Sisters of Hoboken are hilariously in habit but completely out of order in PTP’s rollicking performance. Leave your cloistered thoughts at home and get ready for buffoonery (Mother Superior was in a high wire act??), a chorus line with attitude (the first nun ballerina??) and cooking tips you won’t soon forget. When the Sisters are on a roll, it’s comedy reaching critical mass!

Directors: Elizabeth Green and Jessica Summers
Musical Director: Ali Morrison

Marianne Gagne-Simard
Candise McMullin
Deb Nettesheim
Emma Schneider
Erin Walsh
Sarah Cowan
Cheryl McTrowe

Producers: Heath Hutchings & Louise Shore
Stage Manager: Jessica Summers & Elizabeth Green
Choreographers: Dana Selkulich, Ashley Sieben, & Norine Hori
Voice Coach:
Christine Ernst
Lights and Sound: Martin Finnerty and Paula Couture
Directors Assistant & Wardrobe: Elaine Smith
Set Design: Judy Steele

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Nunsense Mosaic

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