Mending Fences

Mending Fences

By Norm Foster

After 13 years away, Harry's son Drew returns to the ranch to see his father. Virginia, the woman next door, plays a major role in helping Harry and Drew reconcile. Flashbacks to Harry's youth, middle age and to Drew's teens give us insights into the lives of these characters.

Director: Jon Bjorgum

Doon Wilkins - Troubadour
Gerry McAuley - Harry
Marty Avery - Gin
Craig Lindsay - Drew
Grant Hilts - Harry at 45
Jessica Campbell - Lori
Brennan Campbell Moore - Young Drew
Hugh Notman - Harry's father
Jeremy White - Young Harry
Kristin Slagorsky - Harry's mother

Producer: Louise Shore
Stage Managers: Melanie DesRoches & Linda Goddard
Lights and Sound: Martin Finnerty and Charlie Stuart
Set Design: Jon Bjorgum
Set Decoration: Jon Bjorgum, Elaine Smith & Cheryl McTrowe
Props: Cory Anderson, Melanie DesRoches & Linda Goddard

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Mending Fences

Photos courtesy of Melanie DesRoches

Pine Tree Players - Mending Fences production