God of Carnage

God of Carnage

By Yasmina Reza

Translated by Christopher Hampton

This play is a witty and very fun dark comedy. It's about two couples coming together to resolve an altercation between their sons, which deteriorates into a scenario of the adults behaving worse than the children.

Before the play begins, two 11-year-old children, Benjamin and Henry, get involved in an argument because Benjamin refuses to let Henry join his 'gang'. Henry knocks out two of Benjamin's teeth with a stick. That night, the parents of both children meet to discuss the matter. Henry's father, Alan, is a lawyer who is never off his mobile phone. Henry's mother, Annette is in "wealth management" (her husband's wealth, to be precise). Henry's father, Michael, is a self-made wholesaler with an unwell mother. Michael's wife, Veronica,  is writing a book about Darfur. As the evening goes on, the meeting deteriorates until the adults are behaving worse than the children.

Director: Jon Bjorgum
Assistant Director: Ron Deans

Iain Locke
Pam Milthorp
Connor Ballantine
Kristin Slagorsky
Kathleen Fraser

Producers: Marsha Wright, Heath Hutchings, Louise Shore
Stage Manager: Jen Tweddell
Back Stage Manager: Jessica Campbell
Lights and Sound: Martin Finnerty and Jeremy White
Wardrobe: Elaine Smith
Set Design: Jordan Hames


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God of Carnage

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