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One Act Play Festival

Feb 28 to Mar 4, 2018

ALL BY MYSELF, Written by Robert Scott, directed by Iain Lock

Larry has been ship wrecked alone on a deserted island for 7 years. One day another ship wrecked sailor appears, followed closely by three others, all ship wrecked at various different times. It transpires they have all seen Larry in his solitude but have never approached him. After a few nights in their company, Larry yearns for his previous solitude.

Cast: Marilu Adams, John Cherkas, Marianne Gagne-Simard, Deb Nettesheim, and Sherry Thompson

HOME IS WHERE YOUR DOG IS, Written and directed by Doon Wilkins

Home is Where Your Dog Is uses Fort McMurray as a backdrop for a human drama which takes place in a bar. The play explores the relationship  dynamics between five characters, all of whom have been drawn to Fort McMurray for different reasons. While the primary intention is to offer an entertaining story with humour, pathos and drama, the play offers a portrayal of some of the intensity and passion so many Canadians bring to the subject of Canada's oil sands and their future.

Cast: Marty Avery, Craig Lindsay, Kaitlyn Hoover, Colin Macdonald, Jessica Summers, and Jeremy White

IN THE TANK, Written by Rosemary Frisino Toohey, directed by Janell Toews

Harry (or Liz) and Stu (or Angela), are two lobsters who find themselves in the tank of a seafood restaurant. Harry is a crustacean who's been around the tank a few times. He's cleverly devised a "dead" act. Frozen in position, starey-eyed, claws rigidly akimbo, the "dead" pose is meant to ward off hungry diners. Enter Stu, a lobster of a more philosophical bent. Stu reveals a little-known theory: humans are in a tank, too, and they face their own risks. They won't end up impaled on little forks, but they sometimes do stupid things that bring about their own destruction. Unlike animals empowered by instinct, humans must choose.

Cast: Morgan Lowry and Tyson Night

SCOTCH AT MIDNIGHT, Written by Jacqueline Donoghue, directed by Elaine Smith

Two respectable seniors - both single - are puzzled to find themselves waking up in bed together. How did this happen? And whose room is this, anyway? What will the other residents of their upscale seniors residence be saying? Were there witnesses?
As Paul and Alice review the circumstances, we learn much about what keeps a relationship going through the years and what “aging gracefully” means today.

Cast: Dave Brett and Cheryl McTrowe



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